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How I Landed Up Here

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Hey guys, hope you are doing well. I am so excited about today’s blog, as I want to tell you a reason behind it and why I choose today’s day to tell you.

As all of you know that I have started writing my blogs a month back only and you pampered me with tremendous love and blessings, lots of thanks to you. 

Since I started writing blogs. I received lots of messages, calls asking about this, so I think I will narrate it here only after all this is our place. 

During the lockdown when we all stuck at home, one day I received a message from my dearest friend Priyanka and she advised me to read a book Home Quarantined written by Shraddha Rane. I like that book while reading that book I found she also writes blogs, I read almost all her blogs and started following her. 

As we all do nowadays, I searched for her Instagram profile and started following her. While going through her blogs, I learned how she started her journey. This journey inspired me. 

I used to write during my school and college days, but as I grew up my passion for writing remained far behind in my daily job routine. Like Amruta in my story FINDING WAY OUT TO MY LIFE.

If you haven’t read it. Grab your copy here.

But Shraddha inspired me to write and I started finding out time for my passion. A very big thanks to Priyanka who introduced me to @shraddharane23.

Today is Shraddha Rane’s birthday, so I choose this day. This blog is dedicated to her. This is my token of love to her, who helped me to introduce myself to me once again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @shraddharane23. Always be happy, write more, and inspire more people. Ganpati Bappa always Bless you.

Thanks to all my readers, the way you showered your love to me, boosted my energy to write more. Always be with me and keep pouring your love on me.

Loads of love. Stay healthy, stay safe.

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