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Finding Way Out To My Life

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Hey guys, hope you are doing well. Last weekend was very happening for me and you know the reason behind it very well. Yes, I published my short story book on Amazon. Of course, with the blessing of Ganpati Bappa and good wishes from all my readers.

Every person has their wishes and dreams, but sometimes under the burden of responsibilities all these dreams vanish and never come in reality. Most of the girls after marriage forget to live for themselves, they just forget that they have their own life.

But, we get this life only once, why can’t we live it to the fullest? Why do we girls have to sacrifice in everything? We can also live our life the way we want, no one can restrict us or permit the things we want to do.

Hey, dear girls, be independent, not only financially but mentally too. Take your decision on your own, and try to accept whatever will be the outcome.

Whenever we are in trouble and mentally disturb, the one person who is there in everyone’s life is the BEST FRIEND, to help us out, to hear our nonsense talk, and give us proper guidance.

My story is all about this, AMRUTA and SAM are two best friends. Sam helps Amruta in her difficult situation and she is the STRESS BUSTER of Amruta.

Do read FINDING WAY OUT TO MY LIFE and you will get a different perspective of your life. My motive behind this book is only cheering up my girls to be independent.

Hey girls, enjoy your life, as Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

Do read my book and give your review on Amazon, as it will help other readers.

 Loads of love. Stay healthy, stay safe.

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