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Planning A Tour Out Of Your City…. Keep This Few Things In Mind

Hi friends, I know all of us are tired of being homebound now. We all are waiting to plan a trip once this lockdown will get over. Yes, I too very much excited about a trip. But while planning a tour just keep these few things in mind –

BOOKING – When we are planning for an outing, the main thing is booking. Check if your booking is properly done or not. I have a very bad experience with this. During our Uttarakhand tour, we planned all the things and made a booking from a local holiday manager. She did all our booking except for the train booking from Mumbai to Delhi and told us about this a day before our tour. After hearing this, the excitement was far behind, we were at different stress levels. What we will do, how we can arrange tickets at the last movement? All hotels and return flight tickets were also booked, all the money was paid in advance to her. The train we had to catch was at 5.50 in the evening from Mumbai Central. The idea came in our mind to visit her office and we (me and my friends) reached there around 3 in the afternoon. After reaching there we got one more shock- the office was not her. Yes, you are reading correctly. The office was not her. She was the Ex-employee of that office and now she started her own business which she was handling from her home. Probably we were the first foolish customers of her. Lots of phone calls and arguments done. But there was no point. We decided to arrange tickets for ourselves anyhow because we have to start our journey. So, we managed the train tickets by ourselves from one of the agents at the 11th hour. We learned a very big lesson and during our next trip to Kashmir, we did it by ourselves, we managed our whole Kashmir trip on our own. So, keep in my mind about all tickets, and if possible do it by yourself and take all information about your tour management company.

LOCAL DRIVER – The driver is the most important part of any tour. As we are very new to that place, he is the person who can help us to make our tour memorable. But in our case, it was different. The driver we got in our Uttarakhand tour was exactly opposite to it. He doesn’t know any route and I became a guide to that new place with Google aunty. Here is an important tip for you. Whenever you will go for a tour keep your mobile fully charged and take the help of Google Maps whenever you need it.

Extra Day – Keep one- or two-days spare after your tour. Most people join their office the very next day after the tour. During our Kashmir tour. We were traveling from Jammu to Katra. Katra was the last destination of our tour. After a visit to Vaishno Devi Temple, our train was scheduled from Katra. We Left early in the morning from our hotel in Jammu. When we reached the highway, there was a long queue of vehicles and we came to know that there was land sliding, we waited there till evening but there was no progress and then we decided to go back to our previous hotel in Srinagar. Our stay in Kashmir extended for 1 more night and we booked flight tickets for the next day from Srinagar to Mumbai.

So, guys keep these few things in mind. Try to do all your booking by yourself, it gives different experiences and pleasure. Like these small incidents, make our tour memorable with a beautiful destination. 

Every hurdle can be passed with the support of great people with you. I have lovely people with me, when we three (Arpita, Reshma, and me) are together, we can find out our way and enjoy in every situation.

Do share your tour experience with me. As knowledge and happiness, Batne se to bhadti hai!!!

Loads of Love. Stay healthy, stay safe.

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  1. Madam, you are making very good progress, you are also very skilled in this field, I am very happy to read your story, I hope you have a lot of success, fame.

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