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Hi friends, hope you are doing well. In school we learn, books are our best friends. At that time, I was wondering, how this non-living thing will be our best friend? As I grew up, I understood, yes, they are our best friends. Books teach us lots of things, introduced lots of characters in this world. Help us to understand the behaviour of people and a lot more things. I love reading. I try to complete one book by a week, as I read only during daily travel from home to office and again way back to my home, and on weekends. Nowadays there is less crowd in local trains, so I enjoy reading with comfortable sitting.

I read most of the book on Kindle, as I am a kind of “Go Green” girl, so I like Hulk (off course after Captain America) and didn’t do entries in my bank passbook, why to waste ink and paper?

Will come directly to the point. Most people say, when we start reading we fall asleep. Yes, it’s a good thing, isn’t it? no need for sleeping pills for insomniac people. So if you fall asleep while reading, try to adopt this style. What happens is, you start reading – maybe you will read a page or half-page daily and this becomes a habit to you, and you will take a book in hand to read daily before going to bed and your interest also develops gradually.

HOME QUARANTINED – The first start with a short storybook, that finish early and you feel like oh, my reading speed is increasing (mental satisfaction is most important). Home Quarantined this book was written by @shraddharane23. This book is perfect to start in the current situation. You can easily relate this book with the current scenario, as this is based on her own experience in the current pandemic. Real, short, and sweet story. 

A SECOND CHANCE – Life is always about a second chance. Every person needs a second chance in life and they are searching for that. A second chance is the story of a girl who thinks, she is a failure in her love life. The story is about how the second chance is worth it and her struggle to prove it right. If you are a romantic or emotional person, just go for this book, which is written by the king of romance @sudeepnagarkar.

LAND OF THE LONELY – I finished this book a week ago only. This is the first of my thriller book, as I am quite a romantic person, I don’t go for a thriller. But you will love this book written by @sayantawriter. The mesmerizing story feels like never finishing this book. Story of a teenage girl, who witnessed a murder, and her journey from shy to a brave girl. This story tells you about both sides of the coin – from murderer and witness.

RAU – The story of brave Bajirao Peshva written by N S Inamdar. If you are a historical person, just go for this book. The way Inamdar sir wrote the journey of Rau is awesome. You will love each and every character. I, myself read this book twice – once in Marathi and once in English.

The reason behind suggesting these books are, they are not must-read books, but they will help you to pursue reading habits. I read all this book and I loved it, and I think if you will go for these books, you will also love it. As always follow the blogger’s advice, because we are sharing our real experience with you.

Ok, now time to take your leave, will meet you in the next week. Till that read these books and give your valuable feedback. As your feedback will help me to write more, grow more.

Loads of love. Stay healthy, stay safe.


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