Hi friends, I hope you are doing well in this current pandemic. It’s almost five months since we are in lockdown. All of us feeling wanderlust, craving for an outing, tempting for the street food with friends and family, and thinking about how our summer vacation wasted sitting home. Most of us cursing this COVID.

Most of us are feeling mental stress, maybe due work loss, no money, or some may be in pressure due to the loss of their family members or friends due to COVID. Some are feeling stressed to come out of the house, facing the fear of the crowd, or thinking what happens if my family member or I will be COVID positive. Some are worried about the hospital bills, after finding positive, as we all are having an idea about the hospital bills, which are in lakhs. Some of the other tension in everyone’s mind.

Nothing will happen with all this anxiety and stress. Instead, we have to keep ourselves busy in some or other things. Do all your home chores, help your mother in-home activities. This is the time you can involve your time in physical fitness. Lots of channels are there on Youtube, do yoga, Zoomba, or do exercise at home only. The government has given permission for walking, so go for morning walk, but maintain social distance and use a mask, do not chit chat with people in the crowd. 

Use this time to maintain your passion, hobbies. Learn cooking. There are lots of YouTube channels. You can start with basic cooking to advance. You can follow @madhurasreceipe or @varuninamdar, or lots of tracks are there. You just enter the recipe name, and you will get a hundred or thousands of recipes. 

Watch web series or make your mind fresh by watching @mostlysane or @filtercopy or @skygupta videos to stressbuster.

Just keep in mind, eat healthy, fresh, and fully cooked food. Drink at least 3-4 liters of water daily. Keep yourself hydrated. Practice yoga or exercise every day. Watch television (though avoid watching frequent news). Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizer. Do cover your face with a mask or face shield. Maintain social distance and vital things, if you have any symptoms like – fever, cough, cold, weakness, nausea ( feeling like vomiting) or no taste in your mouth, do consult with your doctor and get yourself tested without fear. Train your mind that, if you found yourself COVID positive, do not allow your mind to enter negative vibes.

Take care of yourself and your family.

Lots of love. Stay healthy, stay safe.

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