Hey guys!!! Hope you are doing well in this current pandemic. This is my 1st blog. After thinking about where to start. I thought why not share current experience with all of you.

After the lockdown announced by our Prime Minister on 23rd March, we all stuck in our homes. After a month of lockdown, as per government norms all medical facility has to start, being in medical personnel we have to start our clinic. My boss (main doctor) called all the staff and convey the message of starting clinic.

We all are fine with that, as we have to go out and start our work after a month. All things are in its place, all arrangement has done. Suddenly bomb thrown by my mother and sister as you are not supposed to go for work, in these circumstances. What the hell????? I am thinking with myself, what this is going on? I have to work as being medical personnel this is my first job to do in this critical situation, I can’t seat ideally at home, no way. But being a younger one in the family I have to listen to my mother and sister.

The whole night went sleepless. How can I tell my sir that I am not coming to clinic as my parents are not allowing me? Encouraging all the guts together I called sir at 5.30 in the morning as I did not get permission from my parents, and you know what happen when we disagree with our boss…..hahaha. The same thing happens to me. Lots of shouting and shouting. In his place he was also right and my mother is also right in her place. I took one day from my sir to convince my mother.

So my job of convincing mother start from morning 7 am and I succeeded finally in the evening. A great job is done by my 10 years old daughter. She told, “Aaji ( granny) as Mumma is in the medical field she has to go out and work for her patients. If every doctor, nurses, police and COVID warrior will seat at home and not work. Who will take care of us? How will our country win this battle of the pandemic?”

And guess what?? Hope we will win against COVID soon, but I won the battle in between responsibility and family. Taking care of my patient with self-care too till now.

I know many of you facing the same problem, do share with me. After all, sharing is caring.

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Lots of love. Stay safe.


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